29 March 2013

E-Waste Initiatives

Next week the signal for the analogue television will be turned off making many older televisions made redundant.  They should only be put on the footpath if you have booked a hard rubbish collection and then only put out the day before this is due. The current wait time on this is about 6 weeks from booking. 
However, Council does have a strategy to minimise the illegal dumping of these tvs. 

All Unley residents can drop off their tv's, computers and other e-waste at 
181 Morphet Rd, North Plymton. This service is free with proof of residence.

You will get further information in the coming weeks by way of;

·         Article in the current (April)  Unley Life Magazine
·         Print 35,000 DL fold out brochures with the E-Waset,  Tricky Waste & Reduce/Recycle information
·         15,000 to be inserted into the 4th quarter Council rates (April)
·         2 x half Page spreads in Eastern Courier – E-Waste information for Unley Residents (10 April & 10 June 2013)
·         A3 or A1 (large) Posters to display in Civic foyer, libraries, community centres, shopping centres, etc. (April/May)
·         Website update with all relevant info re E-Waste, tricky waste, avoid waste, etc (April)
·         19,000 to be letterboxed via Salmat
·         Possibly a static shopping centre/community centre display – with tv, computer, etc…..and a free standing banner for E-Waste drop off.

Remember, putting you stuff on the footpath is illegal dumping and you can be fined for this. 

Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Plan


The above is the link to the current and approved plan for storm water management in Brown Hill Creek. Please take the time to read this document. Your comments are most welcome.

27 March 2013

Some Good Press

This  article appeared in this weeks Eastern Courier.

Call for traffic diversion break
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  None27 Mar 2013

DIVERTING traffic through backstreets while part of Cross Rd is closed over Easter is unacceptable because locals need a break from the constant disruptions, Goodwood South ward councillor Jennie Boisvert says.

Traffic is set to be diverted through backstreets, including East and Raglan avenues and Leader and Leah streets, when Cross Rd is closed at the South Rd overpass for a crossing upgrade.

Cr Boisvert said on her blog residents were already fragile’’ because of the traffic and noise from the Goodwood Junction rail projects and were worried about extra traffic on East Ave and Leah St.

This is unacceptable when South Rd and Goodwood Rd remain available for traffic,’’ Cr Boisvert wrote. (Residents) have, quite simply, had a gutful and deserve a break.

I encourage everyone, those affected and those not affected, to let (the Transport Department) know that this decision should be reversed and traffic directed on to the main roads where they belong.’’

Winston Ave, Clarence Gardens, resident Craig Huckstepp was worried about the extra traffic and said more notice should have been given to residents.

Thirteen days before Easter is not up to scratch,’’ Mr Huckstepp said.

A bit more notice and people would have been able to make plans.’’

A Transport Department spokeswoman said electronic signs would be set up on main roads asking drivers to stick to the major thoroughfares so backstreets were used only as a last resort.

She said since March 15 information had been sent to some residents and had also been posted on the department’s website.

CROSSING CLOSURES . Cross Rd, Black Forest, (beneath the South Rd overpass), closed from 8pm on Thursday, March 28, to 5am on Tuesday, April 2, 5am . De Laine Ave, Edwardstown, closed from 8pm on Friday, April 19, to 5am on Monday, April 22 . Raglan Ave, Edwardstown, closed from 8pm on Friday, April 19, to 5am on Monday, April 22 . Angus Ave, Edwardstown, closed from 8pm on Friday, April 26, to 5am on Monday, April 29 . Dunorlan Rd, Edwardstown, closed from 8pm on Friday, April 26, to 5am on Monday, April 29 . Crossings at Edwards St, Brighton, Leader St, Forestville, and East Ave, Black Forest, will be closed at yet to be confirmed dates

Gardening for Birds Seminar

Backyard Biodiversity - Birds in our gardens

Interested in knowing what you can do in your garden to encourage more local birds?
The City of Unley is currently offering workshops and seminars to assist residents in creating bird friendly gardens:
Gardening for Birds Seminar
Join us for a seminar on creating gardens for birds at Fullarton Park Community Centre:
Tuesday 16 April, 7 – 8 pm
Saturday 20 April, 10 – 11 am
This seminar will cover the types of plants and garden features that our native birds need to survive.
Bird bath along Windsor Avenue
Bird Bath Workshop
Learn how to make your own bird bath at a 2 part workshop at Fern Avenue Community Garden.
Saturday 4 May - 9 am to 1 pm
Saturday 11 May - 9 am to 12 pm.
Places are limited at all of these events, so please RSVP to Council’s Environment Coordinator, Megan, on 8372 5118 or mschartner@unley.sa.gov.au.

King William Road Development

TELL US BELOW: What do you think of the plans? A THREE-storey shopping complex is set to be built on King William Rd, despite the site being in a zone limited to two-storeys. Duke Family Pty Ltd plans to demolish two existing buildings at 175-177 King...  
This quote is from the Adelaide Now website.
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you sit decisions made by a Development Assessment Panel are usually final. Applicants can seek an appeal if the panels refuses their application, however, representers can only appeal if the development was categorised as Category 3.
In the above decision the development was category 2. That is  all the comments in the world cannot change the decision. Members of the Unley Development Assessment Panel must make a  decision based on planning matters and not what is to there taste or on the number of empty shops. So while the representer made a heart rendering speech none of the concerns raised could be addressed. It is also important to remember that this complies with state government legislation. The decision to deal with planning in this manner is not Council choice.

FREE Fridays at the pool!

As part of an initiative to encourage healthy activity in our community, the Unley Swimming Centre is providing FREE CASUAL ENTRY after 5pm on Fridays.
Unley Swimming Centre, Ethel Street, Forestville
Open until 26 May 2013

25 March 2013

Full Council Meeting 25th March 2013

The Agenda is  as follows;

  • Deputation regarding the removal of a tree in Ada St, Goodwood This was a plea from a resident to gain Council support to have the regulations regarding significant trees changed. In the case of the tree in question no development application was required.
  • Endorsement of the minutes from the 4 new committees. None of these were reserved for further discussion
  • Mayors Report; I had a bit of trouble with this one as the Mayor was having a shot at education standards and citizenship. The question is are people reluctant to be on committees because they don't understand process or because they believe they are time poor? My guess is the latter and in any case the new National Curriculum has compulsory citizenship components.
  • Election of Local Government Association Executive. Lots of names to choose from some with little local government experience to old veterans that seem to want to be on everything. Eventually a list was chosen  that the Mayor moved even though I had placed my preferred motion on the table. His list contained only mayors and few women. It is poor practice for the mayor to move a motion from the chair when alternate motions have been provided and sets a precedent that I'm not happy with. I hope other Councils take a better approach than we have and the people chosen are more representative of both Council and the community.
  • Register of Interests; Independent Members; There was some debate about this but ultimately those prepared to be on these committees will have to follow the same rules as everyone else. The disclosure is not as onerous as it sounds.
  • Review of Committees Terms of Reference; this was passed with very little debate.
  • Audit Committee; Change of Structure
  • Reference Groups; the proposed reference groups were Community Sustainability, Goodwood Oval Reference Group, Road Safety, Unley Gourmet Gala, Unley Oval and Unley Rail Freight. After much debate the Rail Freight Group was disbanded. It is likely that my role on the wider freight diversion committee will report back to Council.Councilors were selected for each committee through consensus. The Goodwood Oval Group will continue but be driven from the community rather than Council. I will now take my turn on the group, I respectfully allowed my co-councillor to take the position for the first two years of this Council term.
  • Delegations Update
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Performance Report
  • Question on Notice from me about any possible precedent that providing sound screens at Goodwood Junction might expose Unley to in the future.This was the same question that I asked without notice in February that after a month I had not had answered. I will now be given an opportunity to get a legal opinion on this and will report on the outcome.
  • Motion on Notice from Cr Hughes to provide access to the pool free of charge after 5 on Fridays until the end of the season to increase patronage.Free Fridays will begin immediately until the end of the season. So enjoy.


Swimming Pool Safety

Following the Coroners recent investigation into the death of a child in a swimming pool accident there are likely to be some significant changes to the way that pool inspections are made, how often they are made and by whom. Ali Clarke wrote an interesting piece in today's Advertiser. I share her view about swimming safety and in fact was for many years an instructor at the Unley Pool during the Learn to Swim campaigns that run in early January. However, the necessity to keep the backyard pool safe is imperative  Over 50 children loose their lives each year by drowning and most of these in backyard pools.  So how often should pools be inspected? Whose responsibility is it? The suggestion is that they should be inspected for legislative completion  every four years and on the sale of a property. Who should pay for this and is it a Council responsibility? What also annoys me is the glossy magazines that continue to publish photographs of non compliant pools as the height of fashion!

24 March 2013

DPTI Open Day 24th March

I took the time to be at the event for the entire 11am to 3pm. There was a steady crowd all day although I would not like to have a guess at how many residents actually attended. There was certainly good numbers from all affected areas along the train lines and transport routes. DPTI was very well represented as well, this time their charts and diagrams were clearer and  more informative. I hope this reflects that they are now listening to concerns and acting upon them. I had the opportunity to look at gantry design, landscaping plans, sound mitigation screens, new plans for Forestville Reserve and the Greenways project. I was heartened to see the sound mitigation now included in some areas but, in my opinion, still not extending far enough. I was disappointed to see that the dead trees in Parker Tce and Canterbury Tce are seen to be sound enough to save; this simply shifts the responsibility to remove the trees to Council ? The representation that showed the replacement of acquired homes on Devon St was also disappointing as residents had hoped that those that had not been demolished might be able to be rehabilitated.
I also had a good chance to discuss with people the dam/ no dam proposals and check their understanding of the project.

Auditor General Valuations

The recent article on this in The Advertiser gives some hope to those of you who think your house valuations are higher than what you believe you could sell your house for. Nearly half of those people who contest their valuation are successful in having it reduced. As both your Council rates and the amount you pay for water and sewerage connection is based on this amount it is worth getting it right. You must appeal the decision soon after you get your first notice telling you of the increase; this is probably your rate notice. If your valuation is way under what the  house is worth people never seem to complain! If you decide to have a go come July, let me know how you get on for a follow up blog.

22 March 2013

Neighbour Day - 31 March 2013

Participate in Neighbour Day by saying “hello” to your neighbour on Sunday 31 March.

Do you know who lives next door to you? Might they need a hand occasionally because they are elderly, or a single parent, or have a disability, or is English their second language, or do they live on their own or are they simply new to the area?
Neighbour Day was established in 2003 in response to press coverage of the death of an elderly woman in her home that went unnoticed for two years. It has been promoted by its founder, Andrew Heslop, ever since with a simple aim to encourage everyone to have better relationships with the people next door and across the street.
Neighbour Day aims to:
  1. Strengthen communities and build better relationships with the people who live around us.
  2. Create safer, healthier and more vibrant suburbs and towns.
  3. Promote tolerance, respect and understanding.
  4. Break down community barriers.
  5. Protect the elderly, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.
The Neighbour Day website and founder promotes an emphasis on individual responsibility to care for the people beside, behind and in front of their houses.
So, what can we do?
Knock on your neighbour's door, say “Hi” over the fence, ask them round for lunch, offer to help out with the shopping, host a barbeque for the street or do something similar. Swap telephone numbers so you can assist in an emergency.
A comprehensive set of resources including a free neighbour Day kit can be found on the website, http://www.neighbourday.org/.
For general enquiries about Neighbour Day please contact Matthew Ives, Cultural Development Coordinator 8372 5134 or mives@unley.sa.gov.au.

21 March 2013

Black Forest LATM; Public Meetings

I attended both meetings for the Local Area Traffic Management Plan  All together about 20 people attended. Interestingly, none of these people reside north of Forest Ave. Council made a decision to include the entire suburb so it will be interesting to see how many written responses come in from the northern area. There was some  representation form most other streets. Staff collected areas for concern and possible solutions from people. As well people were asked if they wished to be included in a reference group that will be consulted by Tonkins and Council as the plan is developed. It is not too late to have your say and I encourage everyone to do so.Please send your ideas to pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au.

20 March 2013

Stormwater Issues are Brewing

There have been a recent spate of emails about Culverts in Arundel Ave, Malcolm Ave and Northgate St (or the train corridor). In the 2006 proposal put to Council there were to be two dams in the upper reaches of Brownhill Creek, the channel was to be cleared, this was not accepted by Mitcham Council and the entire project was sent back to the drawing board to see if there was a viable no dam option. This report was widely consulted in late 2011 and approved by Council (minus Part B works that included  a single dam).I did not support this option but my colleagues did, this plan has now been approved by the Stormwater Management Authority. http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1531
This plan includes culverts in Devon St, Arundel Ave and Malcolm Ave. As you are aware a culvert has recently been constructed in Devon St to carry all of the water from the creek channel to Forestville reserve. This is much larger than the culvert that would have been built with he approved plan.(due to DPTI works). Also proposed in the approved works was a culvert that would have gone under the rail line about level with Cranbrook Ave and through streets near the Goodwood Oval. After some negotiation with DPTI these culverts are no longer necessary, the Arundel culvert will join the original creek bed, flow under the rail lines and then spill into the original channel.
However, yet to be consulted are the enlarged culverts  and additional culvert that would need to be built if  a dam is not constructed. It is my view that a dam is the best solution for the majority of Unley residents.
Their is no currently proposed  or predicted need for a culvert in Millswood Cres, streets near Goodwood Oval of through Millswood lawns. If a solution is viable that does not require any further culverts then I believe this should also be  pursued.

March Update 2013

  • Line marking on streets that seems to fade all to quickly are likely to be repainted more often after the service standard is improved and Council undertakes the work themselves.However, lines will not be remarked in Black Forest until after the LATM and not in streets being used as haulage routes by DPTI ( because they won’t last long).
  • Trees in Arundel Ave that have been deemed as unsafe are likely to be removed after residents have been informed and trees identified with a yellow dot. These letters will be distributed soon.
  • Street sweeping trial has now concluded, if you were involved in this please reply to the letter that you have received. The more detail the better and suggestions for improvement if this is to be implemented citywide.
  • Princess Margaret Arbor is waiting for  funds to be allocated so that repairs can begin on this heritage listed structure. Council budgeted $70,000 in its 2012/13 budget to upgrade play equipment and shade at the park. Community consultation was undertaken in late 2012, and a summary of responses were to keep the equipment similar to what currently exists, provide all weather shelter (for rain), improve seating, and provide a BBQ.The tender for new play equipment and a shelter has been completed and these items will be installed in April 2013 (similar to current equipment).
  • Langdon Ave trees will also be removed if they were found to be unhealthy in the last arborist  inspection. 12 trees were identified. They will be replaced, as decided in 2006, by either Golden Rain trees or the Illawarra Flame Tree. Trees will be removed in March/April and replanted in May/ June. Comments can be sent to Council on this by March 14th.
  • Trees in Chelmsford Ave and Birkdale Ave that need pruning to remove dead wood or to allow for the free passage of garbage trucks will be pruned .
  • Website updates for shared use faclities will be investigated after a request from an individual who wants to know what's happening at Goodwood Oval ( and other locations )in advance  when planning a family event there.
  • Pooling of water at the corner of Grantley and Arunel Ave will be investigated (when it rains) to assess the cause of the pooling and and solutions that are feasible.

19 March 2013

Just When Things Seemed to be a Little Better!!

After both the last Community Advisory Group meeting and the G-RAG meeting I had a feeling that communication was improving and more respect was being shown to resident views. I even had the feeling that the Greenways Project might be handled with more acknowledgement of community ownership.
 I was wrong.
This week residents in Cowper Rd have been told that the she-oak trees will be poisoned this week, just after Stephanie Hegsen attended a street meeting and told residents that most should be able to be retained. All this and not enough notice to effectively organise a response before the demise of the trees.
Residents in Leah St have been shown little respect in the re-routing of Easter traffic past their homes and residents in Parker Tce have had their homes shaken to extreme while the ballast is compacted near their homes. Each concern seems to be met, if lucky, by a response that either shifts the blame or excuses the behavior. Residents want more than an explanation after the damage is done, they want to be listened to so that the damage doesn't occur in the first place.

17 March 2013

DAP3; Public Meeting

This is taller than is proposed but the best shot I could find.
The public meeting for the presentation of representations from concerned residents will be held on Monday 18th March at 7pm at the Civic Centre. About a dozen people will speak to the Development and Strategy Committee on this matter. I have read the representations and find that people's responses are consistent with Council concerns;  height, angle of the set backs,  traffic, pollution , access to light for amenity and solar panels, notification  and overlooking. Many question the necessity, the extent of the zones (isn't as far as the shopping centre far enough, why go to Northgate St?). This should be a very interesting meeting to attend.
My greatest concern and one raised again in this morning's paper is Who will be the approving authority? i raise this matter at a public meeting when the Councils were first invited to listen to state government ideas to change the planning rules. I asked the question directly to John Rau. I did not get an answer and have not every time I have asked it. If planning consent remains in the hands of the Council Development Assessment Panel the Council retains control over what is built,the we have some control. If, however, buildings over $10 million (or $5million) are to be assessed by the Development Assessment Commission the Council will have no control whatsoever in what will be built and residents will have no say about what is proposed to be built next door to them.
This is unacceptable and should not be considered as an option by the government.

Emerson Crossing Closed for Easter

It is my understanding that this crossing will be closed over the entire Easter break.This is to continue the upgrade of the train tracks that DPTI are doing along the entire length of the line. The concern for Goodwood and Goodwood South residents is that traffic will be redirected down East Ave and Leah st. This is unacceptable when south Rd and Goodwood Rd remain available for traffic. The residents in these streeets, especiallt Leah St , are already quite fragile for the increase in noise and vibration due to the rail projects. They have, quite simply, had a gutful and deserve a break. I encourage everyone,  those effected and those not effected, to let DPTI know that this decision should be reversed and traffic directed onto the main roads where they belong. Their contact addresses are; DPTI.RailwayRevitalisationProject@sa.gov.au; KMoore@thiess.com.au and Michelle.Carroll@sa.gov.au. Please cc to me and I will add them as comments to the blog or write them in directly.

Noise, Dust and Litter

I read in this morning's Sunday Mail and interesting item on a proposed shift in management of infringements of dust, noise and litter. It seems the state government is once again trying to shift their responsibility for these matters to local government. And, as usual, without offering any monetary contribution to Council coffers to offset the increased costs. Their answer would be for Council to recover costs with fines and or a rate levee. It is probably true that many members of the community already think these matters are  a Council responsibility when they are mot. As a Councillor I get many inquiries from people about noisy air conditioners, barking dogs, hooning cars and litter. I am always happy to discuss these concerns with people but ultimately can do little to help other than refer them to the Environmental Protection Agency or other relevant authorities. I'm sure Council would be in a better place to catch people dropping cigarette butt and bust tickets (something the current government has legislated for but rarely polices). It may also be better placed to manage noise issues and our Council already has in place a successful process to manage illegally dumped hard rubbish.  The question is who pays?
For years we have pleaded with state government for Council to be able to issue speeding and minor traffic infringement matters. The answer is always a resounding no. Why, because this one does raise revenue.

14 March 2013

Infrastructure and Capital Projects Committee

This was the first meeting of this committee and the format was more in the nature of a workshop. It's purpose was to give the new independent members background in what the committee was established to achieve and the projects that it was likely to make decisions about. Given that I still learned a few new things as well. The New Capital Programme spends 14% of Council's budget and the Capital Renewal Programme spends 9% of the budget.
 I liked this quote;     Peter Drucker
Quality in a service is not what you put into it. 
It is what the client or customer gets out of it. 
Key Observations at Unley include;

  • A poor understanding of why maintenance is undertaken
  • Levels of service generally not understood
  • Reactive approach to service delivery
  • Assett life largely ignored and untested
  • Poor understanding of ctriticality and risk
  • Not enough in house people with system capability.
  • Reasonable linkage to the Long Term Financial Plan.
A better service, not a better asset, is the key indication of successful asset management.

11 March 2013

ARTC Train Timetables

At the request of a resident I emailed ARTC (Australian Rail Track Corporation) to try to ascertain some facts around the freight train movements through the Goodwood/ Millswood area. It used to be that the schedule was pretty predictable but certainly not in recent times. Her request stemmed from; if she were able to predict when the Leader St crossing would be closed this would enable her to choose to use Mills St (even though it was a much longer journey to do this) when she left home. The answer, in summary said we support everything DPTI is doing as our trains will be able to move faster through this area when the work is completed. I knew that. The reply then said that trains can take between 5 and 16 minutes to pass any given point and can be 40 minutes ahead of or behind schedule. Also during the current works they may be slower than this. The freight line is also used by other hirers for grain trains and such services  So what I learned was we don't know and really you should always take the longer trip, it may be quicker,easier and less frustrating. Given that the track is mostly a single line with given passing loops I found this information concerning, but what I think he really said was this is a secret that we won't be giving and answer to today.

Community Advisory Group

Before this meeting last  week Don and I met with Kath Moore and Michelle Carroll to chat over how people felt after the last meeting. Some of the issues discussed included;
  • ensuring that residents understood what was negotiable and what was not
  • a lack of understanding how a design and construct contract works (this can, of course,  be seen as a way for the government to get away with something they could not get away with if all the detail was known upfront)
  • being respectful to the fact that people were asking questions about things that were deeply affecting their lives both now and in the future.
At the meeting I feel things went a  little better with promises of ;
  • more detail earlier if possible
  • much greater detail to be released at the Open Day on the 24th March 
  • times being made for meetings with residents about landscaping opportunities
  • the change to reversing beepers on all equipment to have the noise emission lowered
  • greater detail in noise   monitoring
  • improved sound mitigation at the barriers on Devon St (still not done 10/3)
  • with some reluctance an admittance that some locations will have a higher level of noise, and potential noise after the project is completed (details of locations and noise mitigation measures to be released on Open Day)
What I wasn't able to get information about was the timing for relaying the ballast and rails between East Ave and Emerson Crossing. I was promised that this information was available but I'm still waiting for an answer. I also raised the matter of graffiti management and received no genuine concern from DPTI. A very different answer from the officer who told me DPTI was proud of it's graffiti management strategies and how well they work!!

09 March 2013

Yarn Bombing the Civic Centre

The Civic Centre was recently yarn bombed. The Fishgate Uniting Church awarded a grant for their community activity. This is some of their work. It might not be to everyone's taste but  seems like a bit of good fun that will be removed as soon as it becomes tatty. There will be other sites bombed but I am not aware of there location.

Black Forest Primary School OPEN GARDEN

Black Forest Primary School
Friday 22nd March
5.30pm – 8pm
End of Kertaweeta Ave, Black Forest
Plant & seed sales, food, drink, art & music
Free entry.  Come along!

07 March 2013

Goodwood South v Clarence Park

During the recent representation review one of the matters debated was the names of the wards. Most wards are named after at least one suburb in the ward. As an example Goodwood councillors represent Goodwood, Forestville, Everard Park and Wayville,Unley councillors represent Unley, Hyde Park, North Unley and some of Parkside and Fullarton councillors represent Fullarton, Highgate and Myrtle Bank. There is no suburb called Goodwood South! Don and I represent the suburbs of Clarence Park, Black Forest, part of Millswood and a tiny part of Forestville. So what is the best name? There are strong arguments to leave well enough alone and retain the name that has now been used for many years. However, if our ward is to be named consistently with other wards we should use the name of one suburb. The question then is why not call the ward Black Forest?  This will soon be consulted again and I urge you to let Council know your views on this. If you do nothing the name will be changed. The full representation review received only one comment, which seems to say people don't like change much and are happy with he way things are. I'll add the link to the Your Say website when it is available.

06 March 2013

Beats and Breakfast

Beats and Breakfast kicks off this Saturday 9 March at 10.30am until 12.30 at Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Unley Road next to the Unley Shopping Centre.
Featuring live music from The Beggars, writer in residence Lilliana Rose, games, sausage sizzle and coffee! What more could you want as you warm up for another day out at The Fringe, Womad or just a little bit of shopping on Unley Road!
Beats and Breakfast is part of our drop in summer event program in The City of Unley. Running over 5 Saturdays we are bringing to life some of Unley's favourite spots while engaging our community to challenge our notions of place and space and question what makes our sense of place unique. Make your own contribution of how we make our spaces places!

And put in your diary our fun family event Footstomping, Fables & Film at Heywood Park on Saturday 16 March starting at 3.45.
Live music from Prawnhead, The Timbers and Cold Comfort. A Wind in the Willows performance from Mr Badger. And a free screening of Brave as the sun goes down.
There's more to come! Tell your friends and family and come and say hello!

Black Forest LATM

The consultation has begun for this project. All residents in Black Forest have now received a letter describing the scope of the plan and asking for feedback. Reasons for the study include;
  • people taking short cuts through the area that they perceive to be quicker or shorter rather than staying on the main roads
  • Speeding on Byron Rd
  • Difficulty for pedestrians crossing East Ave
  • Additional traffic issues near schools
  • Dangerous driving practices near the Princess Margaret Playground
Public meetings will be held on the 20th March from 2:30-4:30pm and the 21st March from 6:00 - 8:00pm. I believe these will be round table discussions. Both will be held  at 181 Unley Rd, the first one in the Town Hall and the second in the Civic Centre.
If you are not in the survey area but would still like to have your say then please email your thoughts to pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au. All responses must be in by March 22nd.
If you wish to attend either or both of these events can you please mail jshort@unley.sa.gov.au..
After the consultation has closed a concept plan will be developed for further consultation in April.

02 March 2013

Waste Collection

I read an interesting article in today's paper. How often should the rubbish be collected?

This is a matter on which I have had many discussions with residents, often suggested as a cost cutting exercise,eg half as many pick ups should cost half as much. Seems like a logical argument other than that the City of Unley has a fixed price contract with EastWaste and dumping fees are paid by the tonne.

Will you have less rubbish if it is collected half as often? My  bin is rarely even half full these days for any of the services and yet I can remember having 2 big bins full to the brim when the children were small. If we had a bit of a yard cleanup we filled the neighbours bins as well. I'm sure big families still fill their bins but most of us have changed our practices and now produce less waste than we used to; we reuse and recycle far more and far better, we have compost bins or put our carefully collected food waste in the green bin.

It is legislated in the metropolitan area that the general waste bin be collected weekly, trials in 2009 did not support collection less often over concerns about the smell of rotting food in bins. And there is the sort of problem that Matt Abraham wrote about in the week's Eastern Courier!
What do you think? Is there a case to reduce the frequency of collection?

01 March 2013

Landscaping Plan Engagement

The following times have been tentatively set aside for meetings between residents and DPTI staff to discuss landscaping replacement where much of the existing vegetation has been removed during the early works. The areas and tines are;
Cromer Pde (cr of Chelmsford)       5.30pm March 7th
46 Devon St south                           5.30pm March 12th
Arundel Ave (cr of Cranbrook)        5.30pm March 14th
Railway Tce South /                      
Aroha Tce(south side of Devon )      5.30pm March 19th       
Essex St South                                 5.30pm April 16th
Cromer Pde (south)cr of Meredyth 5.30pm April 18th.

All properties will be notified of the meetings nearer the date.