07 March 2013

Goodwood South v Clarence Park

During the recent representation review one of the matters debated was the names of the wards. Most wards are named after at least one suburb in the ward. As an example Goodwood councillors represent Goodwood, Forestville, Everard Park and Wayville,Unley councillors represent Unley, Hyde Park, North Unley and some of Parkside and Fullarton councillors represent Fullarton, Highgate and Myrtle Bank. There is no suburb called Goodwood South! Don and I represent the suburbs of Clarence Park, Black Forest, part of Millswood and a tiny part of Forestville. So what is the best name? There are strong arguments to leave well enough alone and retain the name that has now been used for many years. However, if our ward is to be named consistently with other wards we should use the name of one suburb. The question then is why not call the ward Black Forest?  This will soon be consulted again and I urge you to let Council know your views on this. If you do nothing the name will be changed. The full representation review received only one comment, which seems to say people don't like change much and are happy with he way things are. I'll add the link to the Your Say website when it is available.

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