29 March 2013

E-Waste Initiatives

Next week the signal for the analogue television will be turned off making many older televisions made redundant.  They should only be put on the footpath if you have booked a hard rubbish collection and then only put out the day before this is due. The current wait time on this is about 6 weeks from booking. 
However, Council does have a strategy to minimise the illegal dumping of these tvs. 

All Unley residents can drop off their tv's, computers and other e-waste at 
181 Morphet Rd, North Plymton. This service is free with proof of residence.

You will get further information in the coming weeks by way of;

·         Article in the current (April)  Unley Life Magazine
·         Print 35,000 DL fold out brochures with the E-Waset,  Tricky Waste & Reduce/Recycle information
·         15,000 to be inserted into the 4th quarter Council rates (April)
·         2 x half Page spreads in Eastern Courier – E-Waste information for Unley Residents (10 April & 10 June 2013)
·         A3 or A1 (large) Posters to display in Civic foyer, libraries, community centres, shopping centres, etc. (April/May)
·         Website update with all relevant info re E-Waste, tricky waste, avoid waste, etc (April)
·         19,000 to be letterboxed via Salmat
·         Possibly a static shopping centre/community centre display – with tv, computer, etc…..and a free standing banner for E-Waste drop off.

Remember, putting you stuff on the footpath is illegal dumping and you can be fined for this. 

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