20 March 2013

Stormwater Issues are Brewing

There have been a recent spate of emails about Culverts in Arundel Ave, Malcolm Ave and Northgate St (or the train corridor). In the 2006 proposal put to Council there were to be two dams in the upper reaches of Brownhill Creek, the channel was to be cleared, this was not accepted by Mitcham Council and the entire project was sent back to the drawing board to see if there was a viable no dam option. This report was widely consulted in late 2011 and approved by Council (minus Part B works that included  a single dam).I did not support this option but my colleagues did, this plan has now been approved by the Stormwater Management Authority. http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1531
This plan includes culverts in Devon St, Arundel Ave and Malcolm Ave. As you are aware a culvert has recently been constructed in Devon St to carry all of the water from the creek channel to Forestville reserve. This is much larger than the culvert that would have been built with he approved plan.(due to DPTI works). Also proposed in the approved works was a culvert that would have gone under the rail line about level with Cranbrook Ave and through streets near the Goodwood Oval. After some negotiation with DPTI these culverts are no longer necessary, the Arundel culvert will join the original creek bed, flow under the rail lines and then spill into the original channel.
However, yet to be consulted are the enlarged culverts  and additional culvert that would need to be built if  a dam is not constructed. It is my view that a dam is the best solution for the majority of Unley residents.
Their is no currently proposed  or predicted need for a culvert in Millswood Cres, streets near Goodwood Oval of through Millswood lawns. If a solution is viable that does not require any further culverts then I believe this should also be  pursued.

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