14 March 2013

Infrastructure and Capital Projects Committee

This was the first meeting of this committee and the format was more in the nature of a workshop. It's purpose was to give the new independent members background in what the committee was established to achieve and the projects that it was likely to make decisions about. Given that I still learned a few new things as well. The New Capital Programme spends 14% of Council's budget and the Capital Renewal Programme spends 9% of the budget.
 I liked this quote;     Peter Drucker
Quality in a service is not what you put into it. 
It is what the client or customer gets out of it. 
Key Observations at Unley include;

  • A poor understanding of why maintenance is undertaken
  • Levels of service generally not understood
  • Reactive approach to service delivery
  • Assett life largely ignored and untested
  • Poor understanding of ctriticality and risk
  • Not enough in house people with system capability.
  • Reasonable linkage to the Long Term Financial Plan.
A better service, not a better asset, is the key indication of successful asset management.

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