27 March 2013

King William Road Development

TELL US BELOW: What do you think of the plans? A THREE-storey shopping complex is set to be built on King William Rd, despite the site being in a zone limited to two-storeys. Duke Family Pty Ltd plans to demolish two existing buildings at 175-177 King...  
This quote is from the Adelaide Now website.
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you sit decisions made by a Development Assessment Panel are usually final. Applicants can seek an appeal if the panels refuses their application, however, representers can only appeal if the development was categorised as Category 3.
In the above decision the development was category 2. That is  all the comments in the world cannot change the decision. Members of the Unley Development Assessment Panel must make a  decision based on planning matters and not what is to there taste or on the number of empty shops. So while the representer made a heart rendering speech none of the concerns raised could be addressed. It is also important to remember that this complies with state government legislation. The decision to deal with planning in this manner is not Council choice.

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  1. i am sick of KingWilliam Road Hyde park precinct being ruined by inappropriate development that is not in keeping with the area. This will destroy the Ambience of the area such that one day people will wake up and realise it is becoming as souless as Jetty Road Glenelg and we all know what a disaster the latter is.