21 March 2013

Black Forest LATM; Public Meetings

I attended both meetings for the Local Area Traffic Management Plan  All together about 20 people attended. Interestingly, none of these people reside north of Forest Ave. Council made a decision to include the entire suburb so it will be interesting to see how many written responses come in from the northern area. There was some  representation form most other streets. Staff collected areas for concern and possible solutions from people. As well people were asked if they wished to be included in a reference group that will be consulted by Tonkins and Council as the plan is developed. It is not too late to have your say and I encourage everyone to do so.Please send your ideas to pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au.


  1. Possibly we didn't attend because we didn't know anything about this meeting. Was a letter sent out?

  2. All residences in Black Forest should have been letter boxed and all landlords notified by mail. Please send me an email, although the time for comments have now closed it may be possible to put in a late representation.