25 March 2013

Swimming Pool Safety

Following the Coroners recent investigation into the death of a child in a swimming pool accident there are likely to be some significant changes to the way that pool inspections are made, how often they are made and by whom. Ali Clarke wrote an interesting piece in today's Advertiser. I share her view about swimming safety and in fact was for many years an instructor at the Unley Pool during the Learn to Swim campaigns that run in early January. However, the necessity to keep the backyard pool safe is imperative  Over 50 children loose their lives each year by drowning and most of these in backyard pools.  So how often should pools be inspected? Whose responsibility is it? The suggestion is that they should be inspected for legislative completion  every four years and on the sale of a property. Who should pay for this and is it a Council responsibility? What also annoys me is the glossy magazines that continue to publish photographs of non compliant pools as the height of fashion!

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