24 March 2013

DPTI Open Day 24th March

I took the time to be at the event for the entire 11am to 3pm. There was a steady crowd all day although I would not like to have a guess at how many residents actually attended. There was certainly good numbers from all affected areas along the train lines and transport routes. DPTI was very well represented as well, this time their charts and diagrams were clearer and  more informative. I hope this reflects that they are now listening to concerns and acting upon them. I had the opportunity to look at gantry design, landscaping plans, sound mitigation screens, new plans for Forestville Reserve and the Greenways project. I was heartened to see the sound mitigation now included in some areas but, in my opinion, still not extending far enough. I was disappointed to see that the dead trees in Parker Tce and Canterbury Tce are seen to be sound enough to save; this simply shifts the responsibility to remove the trees to Council ? The representation that showed the replacement of acquired homes on Devon St was also disappointing as residents had hoped that those that had not been demolished might be able to be rehabilitated.
I also had a good chance to discuss with people the dam/ no dam proposals and check their understanding of the project.


  1. I was disappointed this afternoon to find out that the pedestrian crossing over the rail line at Victoria Street was closed for at least the rest of the day. Wasn't there a commitment to keep this crossing open for residents?

  2. And now there's a sign saying the Victoria Street crossing will be closed until March 27th.
    Are these closures the thin end of the wedge?
    Will our local pedestrian crossing soon be completely unavailable?

  3. I don't feel like I want to defend DPTI's position as there were promises given to keep the crossing open as 'much as possible'. In DPTI speak this means anything they want it to. Of great concern also is the proposal to provide only one pedestrian crossing at Victoria St when the project is completed when clearly there were two before the project and there should be two afterwards.