19 March 2013

Just When Things Seemed to be a Little Better!!

After both the last Community Advisory Group meeting and the G-RAG meeting I had a feeling that communication was improving and more respect was being shown to resident views. I even had the feeling that the Greenways Project might be handled with more acknowledgement of community ownership.
 I was wrong.
This week residents in Cowper Rd have been told that the she-oak trees will be poisoned this week, just after Stephanie Hegsen attended a street meeting and told residents that most should be able to be retained. All this and not enough notice to effectively organise a response before the demise of the trees.
Residents in Leah St have been shown little respect in the re-routing of Easter traffic past their homes and residents in Parker Tce have had their homes shaken to extreme while the ballast is compacted near their homes. Each concern seems to be met, if lucky, by a response that either shifts the blame or excuses the behavior. Residents want more than an explanation after the damage is done, they want to be listened to so that the damage doesn't occur in the first place.

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  1. Affirmative. The community consultation and negotiation process has been appalling. Now we are having to fight 11th hour battles against people who are acting with impunity and complete indifference to the genuine concerns of affected residents. Tim Woonton, Black Forest