17 March 2013

DAP3; Public Meeting

This is taller than is proposed but the best shot I could find.
The public meeting for the presentation of representations from concerned residents will be held on Monday 18th March at 7pm at the Civic Centre. About a dozen people will speak to the Development and Strategy Committee on this matter. I have read the representations and find that people's responses are consistent with Council concerns;  height, angle of the set backs,  traffic, pollution , access to light for amenity and solar panels, notification  and overlooking. Many question the necessity, the extent of the zones (isn't as far as the shopping centre far enough, why go to Northgate St?). This should be a very interesting meeting to attend.
My greatest concern and one raised again in this morning's paper is Who will be the approving authority? i raise this matter at a public meeting when the Councils were first invited to listen to state government ideas to change the planning rules. I asked the question directly to John Rau. I did not get an answer and have not every time I have asked it. If planning consent remains in the hands of the Council Development Assessment Panel the Council retains control over what is built,the we have some control. If, however, buildings over $10 million (or $5million) are to be assessed by the Development Assessment Commission the Council will have no control whatsoever in what will be built and residents will have no say about what is proposed to be built next door to them.
This is unacceptable and should not be considered as an option by the government.

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