17 March 2013

Emerson Crossing Closed for Easter

It is my understanding that this crossing will be closed over the entire Easter break.This is to continue the upgrade of the train tracks that DPTI are doing along the entire length of the line. The concern for Goodwood and Goodwood South residents is that traffic will be redirected down East Ave and Leah st. This is unacceptable when south Rd and Goodwood Rd remain available for traffic. The residents in these streeets, especiallt Leah St , are already quite fragile for the increase in noise and vibration due to the rail projects. They have, quite simply, had a gutful and deserve a break. I encourage everyone,  those effected and those not effected, to let DPTI know that this decision should be reversed and traffic directed onto the main roads where they belong. Their contact addresses are; DPTI.RailwayRevitalisationProject@sa.gov.au; KMoore@thiess.com.au and Michelle.Carroll@sa.gov.au. Please cc to me and I will add them as comments to the blog or write them in directly.

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