11 March 2013

Community Advisory Group

Before this meeting last  week Don and I met with Kath Moore and Michelle Carroll to chat over how people felt after the last meeting. Some of the issues discussed included;
  • ensuring that residents understood what was negotiable and what was not
  • a lack of understanding how a design and construct contract works (this can, of course,  be seen as a way for the government to get away with something they could not get away with if all the detail was known upfront)
  • being respectful to the fact that people were asking questions about things that were deeply affecting their lives both now and in the future.
At the meeting I feel things went a  little better with promises of ;
  • more detail earlier if possible
  • much greater detail to be released at the Open Day on the 24th March 
  • times being made for meetings with residents about landscaping opportunities
  • the change to reversing beepers on all equipment to have the noise emission lowered
  • greater detail in noise   monitoring
  • improved sound mitigation at the barriers on Devon St (still not done 10/3)
  • with some reluctance an admittance that some locations will have a higher level of noise, and potential noise after the project is completed (details of locations and noise mitigation measures to be released on Open Day)
What I wasn't able to get information about was the timing for relaying the ballast and rails between East Ave and Emerson Crossing. I was promised that this information was available but I'm still waiting for an answer. I also raised the matter of graffiti management and received no genuine concern from DPTI. A very different answer from the officer who told me DPTI was proud of it's graffiti management strategies and how well they work!!

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