01 April 2013

April Update 2013

  • The Local Area Traffic Management plan (Black Forest) is continuing. Tonkins will now look at the representations and the information collected at the group sessions to devise a draft plan. This will be run past Don and I as Councillors and the reference group that has ben created from interested people. Of greatest concern to me is the management of bicycles, cars and pedestrians in Canterbury Tce and the management of Byron Rd, especially near the Princess Margaret Playground.
  • The proposed 25 kmp speed limit in Leah St (during the duration of the DPTI works) is yet to be implemented as it languishes on Minister Koutsantonis’ desk. It would seem that the residents of First Ave , Second Ave, Ethel St and Charles St are getting the traffic diversions as motorists try to avoid Leah St; they’re not happy either; this may lead to further speed limiting devices or a different treatment for Leah St.
  • There has been some consternation about the potential tree removals at the end of Grantley Ave (the ones with ivy growing on them). DPTI offered to remove he trees while removing other trees they considered essential for their own purposes. Residents have asked that the trees be left in place. The trees would appear to be in decline but do still help with the screening of the train line. They will not be removed unless they fail completely.
  • The fate of two significant trees that  Aroha Tce  residents were recently asked to make representations about to the Development Assessment Panel are yet to have a decision made. These were identified in the recent tree survey as presenting  a high risk of failure to the public.
  • 669 South Road sill presents an issue as he owners of the property have not accepted Council’s request to pay a rent for the parking spaces they annexed.
  • The feedback about the Langdon Ave trees has been inconsistent as some residents wish to keep the iron barks that were ear marked for removal. Other residents want trees not identified removed. Some claim they are damaging their properties.
  • Tree maintenance will soon occur in Birkdale Ave and Chelsmsford Ave as requested by residents.
  • Line marking needs to happen on a more regular basis and should begin to be better maintained in the next budget. After a request in the budget for funds to do this staff have assured us that recurrent funding will be adequate to do meet a higher standard.
  • A request for information on Council’s website about bookings for Goodwood Oval (and other facilities) has been referred to the Council’s Communications team.
  • Ponding of water at the end on Grantley Ave should be eliminated when DPTI have finished constructing the new stormwater channel on their side of the fence and cleared the drainage channel that connects the street to the channel.
  • Solid gates may be constructed at the end of Cranbrook Ave by DPTI (and probably the other gateways). I have added this matter to the Community Advisory Group Agenda, this will meet next on the 17th April.

Please also take the time to regularly check the G-RAG website for updated information (http://gragblog.wordpress.com/  ) about their efforts and concerns with the DPTI project. It is worth a read.

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