22 April 2013

Cowper Rd Poisoned!

Unfortunately, it seems DPTI are ones still not playing nice as this morning, without any further consultation with residents, an officer from DPTI proceeded to poison the sheoak trees at the end of Cowper Rd. The residents have negotiated  and pleaded with DPTI to retain all the sheoaks and as the worse case scenario to retain the two larger ones. All this and the gate in the fence and the street trees (that they are happy to have removed) still show on the latest DPTI plans.
All the goodwill in the world results in nothing if in the end you just feel like you were told what  someone thought you wanted to hear and then they do what they  had always planned to do.
DPTI this simply isn't good enough and I hope we can enter into further negotiations both at other sites and this one as equals rather than the poor relation  From my point of view how do we know that other sites will not be treated in the same manner? How vigilant do we have to be? Will promises already made be kept?

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