14 April 2013

Summary of feedback from Information Day from G-RAG members

From Ray Broomhill as presented at the GRAG meeting  10th  April 2013

Devon St South
•    residents are pleased that a ‘sound proof’ wall is to be built in this area although questions were raised about whether the 'modernist' design was appropriate. Residents would like to see other alternatives presented for discussion with them.
•    concern about the future of the area where homes have been demolished  continues. At the G-RAG meeting it was felt that this area provides a great opportunity to increase the amount of green space in the locality. How can this be facilitated?
•    residents have become concerned that it now appears that an unattractive electric sub-station will be built at the end of the street. Is this so? 
Cranbrook Ave
•    residents are very concerned to find that the earlier commitment to restoring the trellis and foliage along Arundel is to be broken and gates now installed at the end of Cranbrook Ave. They are also concerned about the lack of detail re plans for the culvert along the Belair line and seek clarification of these.
Provision of sound abatement fencing in the Goodwood Junction project section
•    concern was expressed about the nature of the ‘sound proof’ fencing along the length of the Goodwood Junction section. One resident was told that this is actually going to be colorbond - which of course will not provide serious sound abatement. Please clarify the nature of this fencing. Only effective sound proofing will be acceptable to residents.
Nairne and Richards Terraces
•    residents along the rail corridor between Goodwood station and Leader St are very upset to find that still no provision is being made for sound abatement and re-vegetation along this part of the project. They believe a green wall structure would be the minimum acceptable outcome. Although we are aware that the Goodwood Junction project team does not regard this as within their ambit, this area is of special concern because of its vulnerability to noise and visual pollution from the rail traffic.
Greenways bike/walking path
•    residents are very happy with most parts of these plans. Some specific questions and suggestions are raised (eg addressing the blind corner on Lyon Pde and the Victoria St crossing) that we wish to raise at CAG.
Victoria St pedestrian crossing
•    residents are concerned that the pedestrian/cycling crossing is restricted to one side of the street. We believe that this is dangerous and should be re-thought.
Fairfax Street/Cromer Pde pedestrian crossing
•    concern continues over the lack of detail about the warning lights and sounds and the impact that this will have on local residents. We wish to see details of the planned safety devices.
Vegetation and habitat
•    residents are pleased that the sugar gums are to be protected.
•    concerns remain that the landscaping plans produced so far lack coherence, provide inadequate high screening of rail corridor and do not adequately replace the habitat that has already been destroyed
Goodwood station
•    residents remain very concerned that the Goodwood station may eventually be closed and would like to see an upgrade of this station in line with the new Wayville one
Leah St
•    concerns remain among Leah St residents about the impact of increased traffic in Leah St
Forestville Reserve
•    residents remain concerned about the potential for flooding.  

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