18 April 2013

Community Advisory Group: 17th April

I attended this meting this Wednesday. The items of interest include;

  • The DPTI equipment has now replaced nearly all reversing beepers with squawkers, this new noise should blend into the back ground noise a little better.
  • The effectiveness of the foam and timber paneling for noise mitigation in Devon St is yet to be tested.
  • Graffiti will not be painted out until handover back to Transport SA; the excuse being that many fences are are going to be replaced as part of the project. Not good enough!
  • Council is still discussing with DPTI the option to ban right hand turns into Lyons Pde when travelling west on Victoria St
  • The level of service at Goodwood Station will not be diminished after the lines are reopened. There are fears in the community that the new Wayville Station might be seen by DPTI as an alternative to Goodwood.
  • DPTI to try to add all the information from Open Day onto their website
  • Cranbrook Ave residents again expressed their concerns about the introduction of an access gate t the end of their street when the works are completed. The officer from DPTI again said he would explore  other viable options and also design a gate that might be acceptable.
  • The G-RAG Questions on Notice will be answered by email
  • A resident raised concerns about vibration
  • Council is working with DPTI on landscaping plans for the bike way from East Ave to South Rd
  • The Goodwood, Clarence Park Community Centre and the Council offices all have a one-stop-shop information folder on the project-this was raised as an issue as some people do not have internet access.
  • DPTI kindly removed bitumen from the Goodwood Community Garden
  • Piling is now complete  and digging will begin after the concrete walls are complete
  • Residents in Nairne Tce and Richards Tce will continue to try to get sound mitigation. It was agreed that the replacement fence would be constructed at 2m above the new rail height 

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