10 April 2013

Cranbrook Ave residents not happy with DPTI


 Please click the above link to the story on Adelaide Now today.
The photo opposite is of DPTI plans for the road
access from Cranbrook Ave to the pump. The orange land belongs to DPTI. Any suggestions for alternate access?

The meeting, held earlier this evening (11th April) was attended by about 40 people. While residents presented their case very well about not wanting  a gate and for other entry points be considered I can only describe DPTI staff this evening as being intractable.
Some discussion occurred about screening by lattice and/or vegetation but nothing was resolved. DPTI staff have offered to meet with individuals to discuss both the gate proposal and landscaping and, hopefully, this will give them a greater understanding of the issue.
What I continue to get annoyed about is DPTI staff making public statements about what Unley Council have done or should that are untrue. Tonight the claim  made that Council own the acquired properties in Victoria St (and by implication Devon St) when they do not. At this point in time DPTI own the properties and will continue to own them until the state government have agreed to pay their 50% share of the Storm water/ flood mitigation scheme. Until that time they will be bearing the entire cost of both the creek diversion and the acquired property.
A way forward is for DPTI, after the individual discussions,  to come back to a small working party to look at options that include access to the pump from other locations. Tonight there was no depiction of what a gate could look like or what could be achieved as screening  without one. After this a further public meeting needs to occur to ascertain community support for an solution.
Residents in Arundel and Grantley Ave were also concerned about both landscaping and noise mitigation screening.

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