23 April 2013

Full Council ;Report 22nd April

The following items of interest were debated;

  • A petition from the residents in First Ave, Black Forest complaining about the speed cushions in Leah St and the subsequent diversion of traffic. I can't see too many people in GS not agreeing with the sentiment. Money has now been budgeted for a Local Area Traffic Management Plan in this area but also including Victoria St, Devon and Essex St. Also the report that I requested should come to June's meeting.
  • More people are availing themselves of the opportunity to speak directly to Council and there will be 4 deputations in fact there were only two;one from residents in Esmond Ave pleading with Council to enforce the conditions of approval that were imposed on Unley Nissan when the site was upgraded. The other from FOCUS in support of the UBED motion being sent to the Development Strategy and Policy Committee.
  • I  reserved out 2 matters from the Unley Business and Development Committee (UBED). Two Motions Without Notice were moved at that committee meeting that had the ability to cause the Heritage DPA to be disbanded. I ensured that these motions will now be  considered by the Development Strategy and Policy Committee along with all other representations, in making their recommendation to the Full Council.My amendments were support by the majority.
  • Leases for many of the sporting clubs have come back from community consultation with recommendations unchanged from what was originally recommended.. This included Goodwood Saints and the Forestville Hockey Club.PASSED
  • The draft budget was endorsed for consultation. I will write a separate blog on this. Rates increase is likely to be 4.5%.
  • Unley Gourmet Gala, Staff were  seeking an in-principle agreement to stage this event in 2014, whether or not Unley gets a staged start. The net cost of this event to Council is $205,000. PASSED
  • The final decision on the Elector Representation Review was made. There were some last minute submissions on representation at large rather than wards. Goodwood South will now become Clarence Park at the next election in November 2014. PASSED
  • Fullarton Park Regeneration
  • Eastern Regional Alliance Report
  • Motion from Cr Hudson regarding the feasibility of moving the Citizens Centre to 39 Oxford Tce. This work has already been done and the findings did not support a change on location. This motion LOST
  • Motion from myself regarding the possibility of Council buying a potion of land from DPTI in Devon St to increase landscaping opportunities where the houses have been demolished.This PASSED and is a real win for the residents in that location. 

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  1. Jennie, many thanks for ensuring due process was followed with regards to the UBED matter. With thanks, Ben