19 April 2013

Unley Council heritage plan divides residents

This article from the Eastern Courier is worth reading.
Unley heritage
The Salvation Army Hall on Maud St, Unley, is one of dozens of buidlings Unley Council wants to heritage list. Picture: Roger Wyman Source: Twitter
RESIDENTS are split on Unley Council plans to double the number of properties on its heritage list.
The council received 100 submissions as part of consultation on its plans to increase the number of heritage-listed properties in Unley from 154 to 300.
Of those, 55 opposed the council's periodic review of it heritage plan.
Most of some 20 people who spoke at a public meeting on the issue last week were property owners affected by and opposed to the changes.
Common among the speakers' concerns were fears that heritage listings would hinder plans to redevelop the buildings.
Most said their houses did not meet the council's guidelines for heritage listing.
Martin Cooper, whose house on Rose Tce, Wayville, would be heritage listed under the changes, told the meeting the listing would restrict future renovations.
"When I want to do things to preserve the building it will be difficult for me to do so if my house is heritage listed," Mr Cooper told the meeting.
"I don't oppose it because I want to destroy this building but when I want to make some changes I don't want to go through bureaucracy."
James Morris, who owns a property on King William Rd, Wayville, told the meeting his building did not meet the council's guidelines for heritage listing.
Friends of the City of Unley Society (FOCUS) spokeswoman Ros Islip told the meeting her groups wanted all properties listed as part of the draft to stay put.
"It is the heritage of these buildings that need to be preserved to maintain Unley as a distinct area with an important history," Mrs Islip said.
"We take pride in the heritage character of Unley and there is growing evidence to show heritage listing has a positive impact on the value."
A council spokeswoman said the submissions would be reviewed and a report presented to a council meeting in June.
The council will then provide recommendations to State Minister for Planning John Rau, who will make a final decision

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