10 April 2013

Heritage DPA : Representations to Council

On Wednesday 17th April persons who made a representation to Council about the heritage listing of more properties in Unley will have their opportunity to make a presentation to the Development and Strategy Committee. This information will be used to inform the committee and Council about how the proposed list (agreed to by the Minister) needs to be fine tuned before a final recommendation is made and the properties added to the Local heritage Register. This meeting was to be held on the 15th. The public are welcome to attend;  it's at the Civic Centre.
A recent Motion without Notice to the Unley Business and Economic Development Committee has raised some concerns about the proposed list and the effect that heritage listing might have on the economic viability of some properties, especially those in commercial precincts. I have reserved this for further discussion as I believe that much hard work has gone into being where we are with this list and it seeks to undermine this good work. For example,  the list is kept confidential until interim protection is given by the Minister, if  Council  now have to start again those individual properties that persons are not happy to see listed may be bull-dozed ( with consent) during the review time.

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