07 April 2013

Rail Freight Diversion Committee; 4th April 2013

This committee met last week after a bit of a break over Christmas. The enthusiasm of the group to eventually see the freight train diverted through Truro remains strong. Statistics tell us that the current line will be running at capacity by 2025 (just 12 years away). The committee decided that it was premature to lobby hard at the upcoming Federal election but that we should continue to create an identity for ourselves and meet with Stephen Marshall (Liberal opposition leader) and Vicki Chapman (shadow Minister for Transport). All other politicians and would be politicians will receive communication from us to try to secure a commitment to a further study the viability of this project (ie if there is a good economic argument then provide providers may be prepared to fund). We also agreed to develop a new Terms of Reference statement and for subcommittees to be developed and active; these might include Members of Councils, noise abatement,etc.To do this effectively the committee will need some new and active members.

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