13 April 2013


Put this one in your diary; it sounds worth a visit.

Multi-media exhibition showcases artwork created through an inspirational and ground-breaking multi-cultural exchange project in South Australia.

The Hand In Hand exhibition opens at Hughes Gallery on 17 April 2013 and explores the concept of cultural identity and the sense of belonging.

Over one hundred young people from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia participated in a ground-breaking cultural exchange with Ngarrindjeri people of South Australia.

Professional community artists worked closely with the participants to develop their skills in photography and video as a form of storytelling.

These new multi-media skills enabled the young people to share stories of their past and present lives, including their settlement experiences and their evolving Australian identity.

Exhibiting artist, Shedrick, stated “Hand in Hand has been one of the best projects I have been involved in. The Coorong trip was one of the most moving and inspirational experiences so far. Listening to the aboriginal elders talk about the original Australians and their history made me shiver. I felt a sense of the similar struggles we went through in Africa. Overall it has been a great experience.”

Another artist, Igor, commented “We have learned about the sense of care for country and the sense of belonging.”

This exhibition is a thought-provoking and poignant reflection of what it means to have a sense of Australian cultural identity built from the stories of many people.

HUGHES GALLERY at Fullarton Park Centre
411 Fullarton Road, FULLARTON SA 5063
Phone 8372 5180

Hand In Hand
17 April – 10 May 2013
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm; Weekends as advertised
Multi-media Exhibition
Presented by Migrant Resource Centre of SA

Cultural Presentation
Friday 10 May 2013, 1-2.30pm
“The Making of Hand In Hand”
Featuring project participants live Afghan music and video screening

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