22 April 2013

Age Friendly Cities Award

Unley  won the 2013 Age Smart Award for Leadership Excellence in Age-Friendly Cities at the LGMA Dinner on Friday night.
In the words of Megan Bergius (General Manager)

This award recognises our vision, leadership and commitment in ensuring the City of Unley provides opportunities for our residents to remain healthy, connected, independent and autonomous well into old age. 
While Peter has already applauded the stirling efforts of Celine and Helen in this program, I also would like to take this opportunity to  acknowledge the impressive foresight and effort of Peter Tsokas, who has been instrumental in the development of this program.   It is his resolve in ensuring we have actively participated in Age Friendly initiatives at federal, state and academic levels which has resulted in our membership in the World Health Organisation's Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and opened doors for us to be selected as a partner and pilot Council for several exciting current and future initiatives.  Indeed we are now seen as leaders in this field and we should be very proud of this. 
I'd also like to acknowledge the work of the Community Services team.  On a daily basis they deliver services and programs, exploring new ways of doing things and throw themselves into programs working to enrich the lives of our residents.  They are an inspirational team and I thank them for their hard work and their exception care of our community. 
Many thanks to you all for your dedication and support of our Age Friendly direction and strategies and congratulations to you all on this achievement.
As the most recent chairperson of the Aged and Disability Committee I am also proud of the work that this committee did and the input
 of it's members.

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