06 April 2013

$1000 fines for 'ugly' yards??

The issue of people using their own yards to store junk beyond what most people would consider to be reasonable has been a perennial problem for Council and for residents. As described in today's Advertiser a West Torrens Councillor will be putting a motion to that Council to request a state government bylaw change to give Councils more power. Currently the only power they have is to get a court order for the property to be cleaned up or inspect the property under the Environmental Health Act to see if the conditions are unsanitary (read breeding rats) or a fire hazard. I can name a few properties that I see in my travels that would fit into this category quite nicely. Some recent discussions in Millswood have resulted in some improvements in the street concerned. I'm often amazed when I knock on doors just how much junk people  have on their properties. A recent doorknocking afternoon found a property that was so overgrown and had so much junk stored against the fence that it was clearly not being managed effectively by the elderly owners.
When offered help from Council it was refused.
A similar motion to Unley to support West Torrens may help to push this idea along.

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