25 April 2013

Noise Abatement Committee: ARTC

I attended this meting on Wednesday as the alternate for Cr Mark Ward from Mitcham Council. This committee is run by the Australian Rail Track Corporation. What I did learn was that;

  • Rail noise can be caused by both flanging and wheel squeal, they are both measured in decibels.The critical noise level is >105 for flanging and >100 for wheel squeal.
  • About 1:20 bogies have been taken off the tracks for checking after being identified by sound monitors; of those inspected 30-40% appear to have no defects. Each bogie is individually identified.
  • It may be the type of coupling that adds to the noise rather than the bogies
  • Noise reduction has been achieved at test sites in the Heathfield area by trialing different types of lubricant
  • Test sites are chosen by the number of complaints that are received
  • Increased wheel squeal in the Goodwood Junction area may be caused by the additional dust on the tracks due to the current work (now it's probably mud), this may improve when the work is finished.
  • ARTC updates it's complints qurterly. In recent months complaints have come from Forresrtville, Nairne Tce, Arundel Ave as well as others outside of Unley. Given the legth of the track network this seems like a lot of local complaints. Keep on complaining, it might see on of these chosen as a test site. My suggestion is for a lot of different people to complain rather than one or two people often. The complaints number is 1300 550 402. Each cluster of complaints leads to a track inspection.
  • The irony of this is that ARTC say the Goodwood Junction project is to blame and  DPTI say the problem lies with ARTC.
Freight trainAll in all an interesting and informative experience.

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