31 December 2017

A final update for 2017

The recent break in the GAP
pipeline in the South Parklands has caused some headaches for staff. While temporary repairs have seen flow restored to some area an alternate supply will need to be provided to water Goodwood Oval and Forestville Reserve for the next few weeks

Council has won a Smart Cities grant from the Federal Govt  for a technology upgrade/demonstration in Heywood Pk. The intention is to use Heywood Park as a pilot for other key parks and show how smart technology can enhance the area for all users. The concept involves aspects such as smart lighting for pathways and highlighting key features, sensors, smart bins, potentially a charger for electric cars, smart signage, etc. This will add to the Fund My neighbourhood grant for additional play equipment

Tree fellers have been removing a significant number of trees from a property on the corner of Jaffrey St and Greenhill Rd. As all were less than 2 m in diameter no notification was required by the developer. Once again state legislation has let down residents by watering down legislation. Some 5 large trees remain on the site that will need to be approved or refused by the Council Assessment Panel

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