12 October 2017

Future of suburban development: Community Forum

A Community Forum to  be held on the 26th October in the Glandore Community Centre will be of interest to anyone concerned about orderly development in Black Forest, Everard Park, Millswood and Forestville. The form will be run by David Pisoni (Memeber for Unley) with support from Lachlan Clyne (the endorsed Liberal candidate for Badcoe). It is time for  the Liberal Party to tell us what they would do differently from what we are currently getting fron Labor if they are in government come March. The event is at 6;30pm. If you want to attend you need to register at www.planning-forum-badcoe.evenbrite.com.au  or call Lachlan on 0427132494.
For those of you who are wondering, I'd love to know about Labor events that will be held and will happily spruik for them as well. We need change from what seems to be an increasingly adhoc system and we need it now, but who will provide it?

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