08 October 2017

Fund My Neighbourhood; Special Council Meeting Oct 9th 2017

Fund My Neighbourhood is a state government initiative that enables organisations to suggest projects that they believe will benefit their local community. These projects will then be vetted to ensure they are within the guidelines;

·        Open space, sport & recreation
·        Mobility, transport& safety
·        Health, wellbeing &inclusion
·        Arts and culture
·        Environment and sustainability
·        Innovation and technology
 and then put to a vote by the people. $20million will be allocated in the first round. On Monday Council will examine those projects that are on Council land or will need Council support to be implemented. There are other projects in Unley other than those listed but Council does not know what they are. Applicants can seek between $10,000 and $150,000. Projects submitted include beautifying Byron Rd, new site screens for Goodwood Oval and a new scoreboard for Goodwood Oval in Clarence Park Ward. Items not supported by Council are mostly those that have already been completed, are already budgeted for or are part of a longer term project (upgrading Wilberforce walk).
While Council was unable to provide information about how the vote will be conducted it is my understanding that the vote will be online, that there will be one vote only per computer and one vote per person and that residents will be asked to nominate 3 projects only in preferred order.

An interesting process as there is no indication of what amount has been allocated per council area and what preference will be given in neighbourhoods the Labor Party thinks that they might win, or need to win come March.
For a list you will need to look at the agenda (here)

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