26 February 2017

Full Councl Meeting: Feb 27th 2017

With a lot more agenda items than usual and plenty of Deputations this is likely to be a long meeting. Why so many? Either we are doing something right and people are now enjoying the opportunity to be heard or we keep getting it wrong and more and more people are happy to tell us so! Sadly, I suspect that the latter is true. The following items are include;

  • Petitions regarding Pay for use Parking Trial, Reducing Traffic Speed in Mills St and the Narrowing of the Victoria St and Goodwood Rd intersection.
  • Motion from Mayor Clyne with an intention "to take no further action on investigating potential redelopment of the Civic Centre site'. You may remember that in August 2016 Council voted to investigate the sale of the air rights to allow for/facilitate dvelopment on Council owned land at the Civic Centre and environs. This motion was moved by Cr Hewitson, seconded by Cr Hughes and the matter proceeded in confidence until a later time. I was the only Councilor that voted against this location as a preferred site.
  • Brown Hill Keswick Creek: a motion proposed by Cr Rabbitt to give the government a good prod regading funding so that action can happen.
  • DAP Procedures Review regarding Regulated and Significant Trees proposed by Cr Palmer.   He is concerned that some arborial assessments are not being performed by well-qualified arborists.
  • Corner of Victoria St and Goodwood Rd, redesign: Residents are very concerned that the narrowing the road way will not allow left and right turns to take place simultaneously from Victoria St. Cr Schnell has requested that work stop , that the proposed narrowing is installed as a temporary item, then further consultation occurs this time including residents in or near all of Victoria St. This is what I asked my colleagues to support in January but, unfortunately, not enough political pressure had come from residents at that time and I did not get their support.
  • Leah St, Forrestville: again proposed by Cr Schnell. I have written a couple of blogs on their plihght already.
  • Review of Planning Assessment Restrictions: Proposed by Cr Salaman. His particular concern      is the increasing pressure to write neighbours out of the planning process.
  • Goowood/ Wayville Parking Trial: after a year's trial and extensive consultation staff have recomended continueing with the meters in Wayville but not Goodwood, continueing with the 4 hour parking (I think the area is unnecessarily  big) and investigating other opportunities.
  • Rugby and Porter Sts Bike Route Upgrades: despite significant opposition to this proposal change has been recommended. I have significant concerns regarding safety at the intersection of Rugby and Porter as well as other intersecrions where the right of way will be changed.
  • Additional Parking for Sturt FC on Match Days: Sturt have negotiated with staff exclusive use of parks in Rugby St, next to the Village Green, for Sturt being allowed to issue permits. I'm a little confused by this proposal as they already get to use the Council carparking on Oxford Tce.
  • Finalising Haslop Reserve (Unley PS) as  it's own identity.
  • Appointment of  Independent Members to the UBED committe (CONFIDENTIAL)

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