28 February 2022

Ward Briefing Feb 2022

 The following items were discussed at this briefing:

  • Nuisance trees
  • North-South corridor: DIT will shortly commence their own Local Traffic Management Plan regarding what will need to happen in local streets after and during the construction of the new road,
  • Street Seeping: most streets are swept every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the type of street tree and time of year. Residents can request extra sweeps if they feel it is required. Council will soon have a second sweeper which will better allow for additional sweeping and make the actual sweep time more predictable.
  • Victoria St: there has been some additional parking allowed on the street to slow traffic.
  • Aged Care Development on Victoria St has commenced: the construction may take two years.
  • Millswood Croquet Clubrooms: rebuild has commenced.
  • Mills St: drainage works are complete and traffic management changes are nearing completion.
  • Page Park: consultation regarding use is nearing completion.
  • Stormwater Management: Hammond Ave and Wilson Ave should be completed this year. Homer Rd the following year
  • Dunrobin St: will be fully reconstructed in 22-23

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