10 September 2022

Leader St bakery site to be rezoned


Approval to initiate a Private Code Amendment to re-zone the site for medium density residential development..  Under the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act, a private land owner can apply to the Minister for Planning and undertake the process to re-zone land.  

 With the approval to initiate the Code Amendment it has been uploaded to the PlanSA Portal web-site and become public information   https://plan.sa.gov.au/have_your_say/code_amendments#current_code_amendments   

The Code Amendment itself will be completed in the following months and then a formal consultation process will  be undertaken on the rezoning proposal.  Council will have its opportunity to review and comment on the Code Amendment as part of the formal public consultation period, anticipated to commence in late 2022 or early 2023.

 Following consultation and review of the Code Amendment, the outcome is ultimately determined by the Minister for Planning.  Once approved the new zone policy will apply.  A Development Application may be lodged sometime thereafter for the an actual development proposal in accord with the new zoning.



  1. Jessie MacGillivray10 September, 2022 17:23

    Hi Jennie I'm afraid I don't understand what any of this means. I suspect many people would be the same. Is there a plain English version of this? Is it that the owners of the bakery are wanting to re-zone it to sell it to a residential developer?

  2. The owners have applied to rezone the land that the bakery sits on. They are likely to want town houses or even apartments on the site with block sizes being smaller than currently allowed in Forestville. Council will only get to comment on what is proposed when they know what that is. Residents will be able to comment as well.

  3. Is the bakery not a bakery anymore? I'm sure I could smell yeast from there recently and I could only smell it from there in the past.

  4. HI, I believe it is still used as a bakery but it is their intent to have the site rezoned either to develop themselves or increase the value of the property for sale.