11 April 2022

Shaping Unley:City -wide Parking Strategy


 As exiting way forward.

The City-wide Parking Strategy consultation will officially commence on Monday 11 April 2022 for a four-week period, applying the new and innovative Shaping Unley Process.

 The first phase of the project is the Issues and Ideas Forum, where we will be seeking city-wide community views on:

                  any current issues you have with your on-street parking experience(s); and

                  any ideas on how you think these issues could be resolved.

 We are also seeking community views on good parking experiences and what people think works well.

 We are very excited in anticipation of the feedback we may receive from the community to help inform the future Community Panel discussions. Invites to 1200 randomly selected Unley residents and businesses will be sent on Monday 11 April 2022, seeking to register their interest to form the 30 representative panel (15 residents and 15 businesses). We are seeking a diverse group of people to form part of the Community Panel, the second phase of the Shaping Unley process.

More details can be found at City-wide Parking Strategy Issues and Ideas Forum on Your Say Unley via your networks and discussions. The Shaping Unley process aims to empower the community to influence Council’s decision-making. The more people that Council hears from regarding on-street parking experiences in the City of Unley, and their ideas on how parking can be improved, then the more genuine the process will be.

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