30 May 2022

Full Council meeting: May 23rd 2022

You may find the following of interest?

  • Agreement with Alliance Francaise ; this agreement will provide money for the Xmas market and other small projects. PASSED
  • Community Grant distribution: This once again attracted wide interest and various local organisations have received up to $4,000  for their project that will improve the lives of others. PASSED
  • Page Park: shared use trial: This trial was first mooted about 5 years ago and after much consultation and debate and despite overwhelming community support trial was refused by Council. However the follow up included rewriting the animal management plan and further consulting with users of Page Park. A trial with an extra hour of use will take place from June 30th until October 2nd this year. Please enjoy the additional dog off leash time and, hopefully. you might still get home before dark. PASSED
  • Master Plan for Ridge Park: the plan will provide a guide to future development. PASSED
  • CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS (Goodwood Community Centre and Centennial Park)

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