13 July 2018

Rate Capping

Capping rates would restore the faith that residnts have in local councils according to Minister Knoll. While I am not at today's Town Hall meeting I have had a keem interest in this. While I personally don't think anything will be achieved by rate capping I have said that it is time to work with the state government on this one. The questions that need to be asked are:
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • Will cost shifting from state to local be reversed?
  • Will state govenment hold its own fee rises to the same amount?
  • Will Councils be able to continue to borrow for large infrastructure projects additionally to the capping?
  • Will this continue to drive prices down by forcing further collaboration between Councils (eg. bulk buying of rubbish collection)?
  • What have we learned from capping interstate?
  • How long is it anticiapted that the cap will last for?

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