01 February 2013

Forestville Reserve Update

The following is a summary of the actions so far by Council regarding Forestville Reserve and the necessity for creek works following  a government decision to divert Brownhill Creek to enable the train underpass at Goodwood Junction to be completed. To look at the diagrams and complete the survey please click the link included.

  • Work on the Goodwood Junction Rail line commenced earlier than expected, meaning the new culvert to divert Brownhill Keswick Creek is being installed between the end January and mid February 2013.
  • To coincide with the works on the new culvert, Council is taking this opportunity to plan for an upgrade of Forestville Reserve.
  • Following on from a public meeting on 18 December 2012, Council is now seeking community feedback on the reinstatement of the recreation facilities, the final appearance of the new culvert opening, and the future development of the reserve.
  • 1500 surveys have been delivered to local residents, and the survey is also available on Council's engagement hub Your Say Unley, by logging onto http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/
  • Consultation commenced on Tuesday 29 January and will close on Tuesday 12 February 2013.
  • It is intended to present this plan to the community for their input by the end February 2013, with a final plan being prepared by the  end March 2013. 


  1. Jennie,
    I think it is good that Council is planning for the upgrade of the reserve - but considering the government is spending $8m on the new Wayville station, perhaps it would be of value to lobby the government to consider upgrading the Goodwood Station precinct which at present is a cesspool and unpleasant/unsafe, particularly at night. There has been talk of some sort of bikeway overpass - it would make sense if this were to happen that this was all coordinated and planned for in an integrated manner. This area particularly the surrounds on the Eastern side of the station have the feel of a derelict wasteland.

  2. I have just returned after a meeting on site at the Wayville Station location. I commented to DPTI staff that Goodwood Station needed a tidy up, especially in the tunnel walkway, which is disgusting. The reply was that some minor upgrading would occur during the current grade separation and electrification. It is also timely as we look at he Greenways Project in its entirety to identify the areas in poor condition that should be upgraded either with landscaping or pathways. I save seen nothing official about a bike overpass other than reported by a constituent who met with DPTI herself,this would be (if ever constructed) near to or attached to the tram overpass.