22 February 2013

CAG Meeeting 20th Feb 2013

The following discussions should be of interest ;

  • The landscaping plan for the rail corridor (Greenhill Rd to East Ave) and Forestville Reserve will be available in early March (DPTI are working with Council on these with DPTI taking the lead for the former and Council the latter). Street meetings in each locality will occur after the concept has been developed, this will be followed by a Community meeting on 24th March (venue not yet decided). After that the matter will go to Council for approval and then residents will be informed of the final outcome.
  • Council will take the lead in designing and preparing landscaping opportunities, etc from east Ave to Emerson Xing. 
  • Urban design structures concepts will not be available until the end of march
  • Chromer Pde bike path will be included as an option but it  is unfunded (additional funds would need to be found)
  • DPTI will add some paneling and foam to the inner side of the visual screen in Devon St, it will be sealed and a little closer to the ground. However, the gates will be open rendering this useless.
  • No additional screening will be provided in Lyons Pde or Victoria st even though they are experiencing similar noise levels to Devon St.
  • DPTI will not accept responsibility for  sound proofing of homes; residents have now escalated this and have askd to meet with Luigi Rossi in person.
  • Right turns into Lyons Pde for vehicles travelling west will be banned to prevent cars being caught on the rail line.This may also apply to Maple Ave
  • DPTI have increased noise monitoring 
  • DPTI claim that even when you can see or taste the dust in the air it is not dangerous to human health. They do not require their staff to wear masks as they do not need to ! People said this about asbestos and cigarette smoke not that long ago.
  • The arsenic in the dust is well below a level that might be harmful to human health and has resulted from weed spraying.

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