10 February 2013

2013/14 Initiatives: What do you want?

Each year Councillors are asked to put in their wish list for funding  in the  following year's budget. Items that have been funded in this manner are the Local Area Traffic Management study in Black forest, the upgrading of the facilities at Clarence Park CC (toilet, bathroom and kitchen)and  some works at Goodwood Oval fencing at the playground and repairing the embankment). This does not include the footpath budget.
We have been asked to submit this list for Goodwood South in the next couple of weeks. So now is the time for you to tell us what you want. Some suggestions so far are;

  •  Ensuring sufficient funds are available to run the bike path  at Chromer Pde between the trees and the fence if DPTI do not provide the money for that section.
  • Greening William St on at least one side.
  • Tree replacement in Langdon Ave.
Now it is your turn, what do you want? Remember it is a wish list and not all (or even any) may be funded.

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