09 February 2013

G-RAG Newsletter 2

Above is the latest G-Rag newsletter. The switch to Unley Council taking more responsibility in what happens is duly noted. I have pushed for this since after learning at a recent Cromer Pde meeting that Council would be asked  to design and manage implementation of the landscaping in the train corridor, as well as the design and location of the cycle path. Up until that point Council's responsibility was to be only the maintenance of the landscaping when complete. I am meeting with both Peter Tsokas and John Devine on Monday to discuss the role that the Infrastructure Committee will play in decision making in this process.

One of the questions here I can answer and that is that in the short term water will be pumped from the rail cutting into the dry creek bed rather than the culvert. In the longer term the old creek bed will carry the water collected from Arundel Ave, Malcom Ave, the rail corridor and Mitcham-that is when the Stormwater Management Authority signs off on the current plan before it and when the culverts upstream are constructed. This might be as long as 5-10 years.

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