26 February 2013

Full Council; 25th Feb 2013

Before the meeting Councilors were addressed by Rod Hook and Luigi Rossi about Wayville Station. Some gems that came from this discussion were first of all a refusal to answer my questions on sound mitigation
(although I have been promised an answer in writing) and a statement that said the Seaford train will be running by DECEMBER and the Belair train  by July.

The following were  on the Agenda;

  • Elector Representation Review;This  finalised Council's position before this is again put out for you to comment; the final changes recommended were minor and did not include Kings Park as part of Goodwood South,  however, it was recommended to change the name of Goodwood South to Clarence Park.PASSED
  • Wayville Station; This report asked Councillors to agree to the submission written by Staff  for the Development Assessment Commission regarding the proposed Wayville Station. It did not ask us to endorse the state government spending money at this location only how we would like to see the DPTI proposal fine tuned to be acceptable if it is erected. However, we spent over an hour debating the latter and very little time on the real business. PASSED
  • Grey Box Trees in Winifred Ave, Black Forest; I have written an earlier blog on this . My colleagues supported the residents of  Black Forest's desire to retain remnant grey box trees that were here at white settlement and after which the suburb was named. Kate Hubermayer addressed Council on this on behalf of residents.Her wining argument was the collection of seed from these trees to ensure that the species is not lost. PASSED
  • Lease of Unley Oval to the Sturt Cricket Club;This report suggested that the current lease fee rises by CPI only; as with all leases there will be a time for comment by the public before the lease is signed.PASSED
  • Lease to Goodwood Saints (Goodwood Oval + clubrooms); This report suggested a rental increase of CPI only. It should be noted that the assessed market rent is $50,000 and the proposed rent $3536. This is a substantial discount and recognised the community benefit of the club especially in encouraging active participation by young people.PASSED
  • Lease to the Forestville Hockey Club (Goodwood Oval); This report suggested a CPI increase only; their market rent is assessed as $10,000 and the will pay $3189.PASSED
  • Community Grants Assessment Review; After some questions by Councilors the rules for these grants have been reviewed. Changes should ensure that Unley organisations or groups that involve Unley people will be a priority as will groups with a large volunteer component and a demonstrated financial need. The issue of long term grants to any individual group will be better dealt as a sponsorship. This will be reported to a later meeting.Further investigation will now take place after the original motion was amended.PASSED
  • LGA Notice of Motion; This is an attempt to get some inner ring Council representation on  the Adelaide Parklands Authority Board.PASSED
  • Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997; This report discussed the effectiveness of the new smoking regulations that ban smoking in or near playgrounds, bus stops and currently some sporting events and all Council facilities and many functions (both the Adelaide Show and the Gourmet Gala were smoke free). Council would like to extend this ban to leased properties (via leases) and to more events and to continue to offer incentives for smoke free outdoor dining.PASSED
  • A late motion by Bob Schnell called for the reduction of speed on Leah St to 25kph during the Goodwood Junction works. This was supported as the additional truck  and bus movements have dramatically increased the noised coming from the street at this time.
  • Questions on Notice regarding

Page Park-dismantling of the fitness equipment in an adhoc basis.
Mobile Apps-
Line Marking and Street Sweeping- these questions relate to assessing the recent trial regarding street sweeping and the service standards for line marking.
Changes to Line Marking at corner of Mitchell and King William- the changes to east-west traffic at this location are the cause of much frustration and civil disobedience;  requests have been made to DPTI to revert to the former lie making.

East Waste Contract (Confidential)

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  1. Thought you might appreciate this one? The giant log is the topic of a separate blog, Jennie

    Dear Jennie & Don,

    Thank you for your fantastic support re the Grey Box trees. Your comments at the meeting last night were just perfect. Hopefully this matter will encourage council staff to address the list of trees in the near future.

    Btw have you seen the fantastic giant log that council staff delivered to the playground on Forest Ave Reserve last week? The kids just love it. It can fit about 4 kids inside it and 10 on top. It’s a fantastic (& cheap!) addition to the playground.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job representing our area. It is much appreciated.

    Regards, Kate