27 February 2013

Stormwater Management Plan Signed Off

Hard to believe but true, after at least 8 years of bickering the agreement reached by Councils late last year was yesterday signed off by the Stormwater Management Authority. That is 80% of the plan can now start being further consulted and implemented. This included 50% funding by the state government  for the Ridge Park MAR. Still to be debated will be a dam in Mitcham or no-dam in Mitcham (the 20% that could not be agreed on ). The implications for Unley streets are quite different depending on the outcome of this.I expect the debate on this will escalate considerably.


  1. Hi Jennie

    This is great news. The five Councils working together and responding to the community feedback for a preference for a no dam solution. Good work.

    A really important point to consider when looking at the Part B works is that even with a dam, 5270m of culverts need to be constructed compared to a no dam proposal where 6750m of enahnced culverts need to be constructed - of which 860m is in the rail corridor rather than in the streets. I hope this helps with the debate.

  2. Unley Council has not expressed support for a no dam solution at this time. The matter of a dam or not has not been debated.