18 February 2013

Soundproofing for Homes?

The residents along the railway line are now insisting on some sound protection for their homes. DPTI have continually refused this as they claim after they have finished their works the sound from trains will be less than it was before. While this may be argued logically in some areas (although I still think even this argument is unwinnable) it certainly is not the case in others. The residents in Devon St are now experiencing continuous loud noise 7 days a week. This noise will continue for at least another 7 months and when complete they will face the rail line instead of having a row of houses between them and the line. If DPTI resell the properties the residents will then have building and construction noise for another 12 months. Clearly it is crucial for these people to have sound amelioration now. This should mean a fence between the works and homes that is continuous (no gaps) and sealed to the ground level. What has recently been added is only a visual screen. The homes should also be provided with soundproofing to all windows and doors that face the street.. This will then set a precedent for other affected homes as the works move further south into Millswood and Black Forest.

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  1. Thanks for your attention to our current plight, Jennie.