19 February 2013

Experts unite to give Unley a vision splendid.

An interesting article appeared in the SA Business Journal in today's paper. As I have blogged earlier  Council initiative in creating new section 41 committees with independent members on each committee is now being closely watched by others to see if and how it will work. Chairpersons have now been trained and the rules of engagement agreed upon.  The first meeting will be next Tuesday, that being the Community and Culture committee. Elected members who are not on the committee will be able to participate by asking to make a deputation on any item on the agenda that they wish, but will not be able to enter the debate. Independent members will always be in the minority so while able to give valuable advice they will not be able to outvote elected members. (This is unlike the Development Assessment Panel where the rules have been set to ensure that independents can outvote elected members). Tim Horton is quoted as saying "I am convinced that this is the magic moment when strategy,capability and ambition align...Our inner metros are transforming as we speak and it's great to be part of the effort to bring more shoulders together to convert dreaming to reality'.

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