03 February 2013

February Update 2013

The following items should be of interest;
  • The Heritage DPA has now been signed off by the Minister and has interim effect immediately. That is if a place in on the list it now can not be demolished until after the consultation process is complete and then only if it is removed as Council believes listing is no longer warranted. If your house is on the list you would have been sent a letter. From memory no listed properties were in Goodwood South. It has now taken me 6 years to get this result. If you wish to read further, make a submission or check which properties council would like to protect please go to; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.aspx?c=24872
  • Residents of Lynton Ave have until Feb 8th to comment on the installation of pavement bars at the intersection with Millswood Cres. It is hoped the installation of these will stop motorists cutting the corner and creating an unsafe environment.
  • The kerb and water table is currently being replaced in East Ave, near the train line.
  • Some have asked what is being built on the vacant lot on the other side of South Rd? after an email to Tim Pfeiffer Councillor for the Glandore area he tells me that    'The vacant Weeks Peacock site has a DA to become a renovation company showroom with office and car park. It has been quite a controversial site and previously had a car wash facility slated, but the local community wasn't keen on this (long story!)'.        
  • Further requests have been made for line marking the parking bays in Aroha Tce. This will guide people to allow more parking and, hopefully, not get one car thoughtlessly parking over 2 spaces. This is now on the work list for the line marking team.
  • Council are currently consulting over the Unley Oval Masterplan, if you have an interest in what is going to be planned the check out the details at; http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/unley-oval-precinct-master-plan

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