06 February 2013

DPA3;Eastern Courier Comments

Add voice to the big debate
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  John Stokes 06 Feb 2013

 PEOPLE power must help sway Unley Council to limit proposed building height increases, a residents’ group says.
The council has proposed a 10-storey height limit on Greenhill Rd west of Goodwood Rd and seven-storeys on Greenhill Rd to the east of Goodwood Rd up from three storeys.

It also wants to see buildings up to five storeys on Unley Rd, up from two storeys, as part of its Development Plan Amendment.

The changes are being made to fit in with the State Government’s 30-Year Plan which predicts a population increase of 560,000 people in Adelaide.

Friends of the City of Unley Society president Ros Islip has labelled the heights excessive.

Mrs Islip said they would not blend in with Unley Rd’s streetscape of predominantly single storey and heritage buildings.

Tall buildings would block AL adelaidenow. MESSENGER WITH com.au AL neighbours’ sunlight and views and invade privacy, she said.

We’re waiting to hear what our members and the public think but I would think a limit of three on Unley Rd and five to seven on Greenhill Rd would be preferable,’’ Mrs Islip said.

She also said, in all cases, residents should be notified about nearby developments.

Under the amendment, residents will only be notified if land use is outside of expectations or the building height is exceeded’’.

If it is approved you could get 10 storeys built on Greenhill Rd and, if it met all the specifications, nobody would be notified,’’ Mrs Islip said.

If there’s a big community input against it hopefully we’ll be able to get things changed.’’

Goodwood South Ward Cr Don Palmer, who has many years building industry experience, encouraged residents to speak up.

The society will hold an open meeting on the plan with Unley Council’s principal planner David Brown at Unley Citizens Centre on Thursday, February 7, 7.30pm.

Public consultation on the DPA closes on Friday, February 22.

Details online at: focusonunley.org, yoursay.unley.sa. gov.au or dpti.sa. gov.au/planning/ innermetrogrowth

My comment  is that Council need enough evidence to convince DPTI that what they propose and have insisted Council go to consultation on is not what people want. A compromise position on setbacks, potential over shadowing and height limits can be reached and still provide for the addition housing that the government desires.

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