01 August 2015

Train use

It's good to see that the Seaford train is being used well and that passenger numbers have risen 14% in the last 12 months, There seems to be two things that  still need to be done; the first to see if  the trains could run on time and the second could the last  bit of tidying up at Goodwood Junction be completed. I'm yet to see a graffiti management plan and I'm yet to see the lane joining Millswood Cres to Millswood Station getting any attention despite repeated requests.
Getting back to the first issue it was refreshing to see, in a recent visit to China  that the buses and trains run on time, every time. If the train is scheduled to leave at 2:30 the at 2:30 it is leaving the station! The frequency in the subway systems is amazing, every few minutes a train, usually full of people (but room for more), arrives and leaves. But my mother, who is 90, tells me that Adelaide could run trams every 5 minutes in the 1940's, what changed?

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