30 August 2015

More Council bashing

I thought when I starting reading David Penberthy's piece in the Advertiser this week that it was going to be something I agreed with. Look after the littles stuff like roads, rates and rubbish and the rest is likely to go well.  But he actually used his time to have a broader hit at Council. Why don't people bother to vote? He asserted that he didn't vote, even though he is married to a federal politician, and that others shouldn't bother as well.
 It is such an opportunity lost. Sadly, he seems to have little understanding of Council and can't understand why anybody would want to get to know their Councillor. I ask then why so many people, follow this blog and those of my fellow Councillors? The fact is that people do want to know who we are and what we stand for. They 'd rather know what is happening, even if they don't agree with it than be left in the dark.

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