27 August 2015

Full Council Meeting :August 25th2015

This promised to be a long and arduous Agenda but was done and dusted in 3 hours. The Mayor made it his mission to be home early and kept to his promise. This stifled debate that should have occurred on a number of issues. Items debated were:
Brown Hill Creek Consultation Report; this was a summary only of the recent consultation. The results, in my opinion, were pretty inconclusive. Council will debate the final report next month. A single motion will be put to all five Councils, however, we can change that to suit ourselves and almost certainly will. PASSED
Resilient East Integrated Vulnerability Assessment; a report on climate change affects in Unley and nearby suburbs. PASSED
Forestville Local Area Traffic Management; A trial will commence to ascertain if a left hand turn ban between 8am and 9am form Leah St into both Norman Tce and Everard Ave will ease the traffic from First Ave. If this is unsuccessful or not supported by residents the most likely consequence will be the removal of Speed humps in Leah St and the reinstatement of the speed humps in Everard Ave. PASSED
Black Spot Funding; This has been obtained for the Fisher and Duthy St corner o improve the location of the traffic lights. PASSED
Battle of Pozieres Centenary; The Mayor wishes to take a small group of Community members to France and Belgium next year to attend various commemoration events from World war 2. Given Councils relationship with Pozieres and the fact that so many Unley residents lost their lives in there this seemed a worthwhile thing to do. However, the debate turned sour quite quickly and the report lacked the detail that Council needed. I moved a motion to defer while more information was obtained by staff. This was supported and will be debated next month. DEFERRED
Goodwood Community Centre Future Management Model; CONFIDENTIAL
Damage to Flooded Gum; CONFIDENTIAL
Strategic Land Acquisition; CONFIDENTIAL

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