08 February 2016

New Planning Legislation

As the new sitting of parliament continues to debate and amend the planning minister's legislation relating to planning reform in South Australia, one of the contentious issues is the role of Councillors on Development Assessment Panels. As many of you are aware Unley's DAP consists of 4 independent panelists, of whom one is the chairperson, and 3 elected members. John Rau continues to contest that the Councillors consistently vote against good ideas, ideas that when, complete, may provide more jobs. I have been on Unley's DAP for  over 12 months now and certainly for Unley this is not the case. In fact the DAP has approved some progressive and challenging buildings in this time.
I don't believe that his words reflect reality in current DAP practice. Nevertheless, it seems inevitable that Council  and Councillors will get increasingly less opportunity to have their say.  You, as residents, will get fewer opportunities to object to building proposals and you may not even get the chance to know what is proposed until the building starts to be built. Not good enough in my opinion!

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