23 December 2015

Parklets in King William

MY HOUSE & HOME/BODE HAIRDRESSER/MEDI PEDI – 151-153 King William Road; and
FLOWERS 152 – 152 King William Road have been selected as the favoured applicants for the next parklet sites. If you want to have your say on these locations just click the link below.
Public notification has commenced with posters on the street, in the shop fronts and info on the web . Also on the web is information on providing feedback with a representation form for comments/issues/concerns to be formally submitted. In accord with the Parklet Program, the period for feedback closes 5 PM on the 8th January 2016.
Further information can be found here:

The parklets in Opey Ave and Boffa St will be removed and application made by the stores (Cotto and Nutrition Republic) for permanent curb build outs if they wish to retain the amenity.

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